Apples and Honey 

The Nursery on the Common 

TERM AND HOLIDAY DATES 2019 – 2020          5780 


Sukkot Term 20195780 


Inset Day: Monday 2nd September (Staff only) 

First day of Term: Tuesday 3rd September 

Last day of Term: Friday 13th December 

Half Term: Monday 21st - Friday 25th October 

Early finish: 12:30pm - Thursday 31st October 


Festival Dates 

Rosh Hashanah: Monday 30th September 1st Tishri (Nursery closed) 

                            Tuesday 1st October  2nd Tishri (Nursery closed) 

Yom Kippur: Wednesday 9th October10th Tishri (Nursery closed) 

Sukkot: Monday 14th October 15th Tishri (Nursery closed) 

Simhat Torah Monday 21st October 22nd Tishri (Nursery closed)  

Hanukkah: Monday 23-30th December  25th Kislev 



Purim Term 2020    5780    

Inset Day: Monday 6th January 

First day of Term: Tuesday 7th January 

Last day of Term: Friday 03rd April  

Half Term: Monday 17th Feb - Friday 21st February inclusive 

Early finish: 12:30 Thursday 27th February 

Festival Dates 

Tu B'Shevat: Mon 10th February  15th Shevat 

Purim: Wednesday 11th March   14th Adar 

Pesach: Mon 9th – Thu 16th April 15th Nisan-21st Nisan 



Shavuot Term 2020 – 5780 

Inset Day: Monday 20th April 

First day of Term: Tuesday 21st April 

Last day of Term: Friday 3rd July 

Half term: Monday 25th - Friday 29th May inclusive  

May Bank Holiday: Friday 8th May (Nursery closed) 

Early finish: 12:30 Thursday 4th June 



Summer Scheme: Monday 6th – Friday 17th July 

Festival Dates 

 Yom Hashoa: Tuesday 21st April 27th Nisan 

Yom Ha'Atzmaut: Wednesday 29th April 4th Iyar  

Lag B'Omer: Tuesday 12th May 18th Iyar  

Shavuot: Friday 29th May  6th Sivan (Nursery closed)