The information contained in this document is a short summary of the Nursery’s working policies and procedures manual. During the time you spend in the nursery settling in your child, you will be encouraged by the staff to familiarise yourself with the full document in order to reach an understanding of our philosophy.



We offer an ideal first experience of day care for children up to 5 years of age. The environment is designed and set out with furniture and equipment catering children of this age group. The organisation of the day and the activity planning promotes and encourages the children’s social, emotional and intellectual and physical development. Our spacious play areas allow your children to explore confidently the range of activities and equipment available to them.


Policy statement 

“The support and protection of children cannot be achieved by a single 

agency … every service has to play its part. All staff must have placed upon 

them the clear expectation that their primary responsibility is to the child and 

his or her family.” (Lord Laming in the Victoria Climbié Inquiry Report, 

Paragraphs 17.92 and 17.93) 


Safeguarding is a shared responsibility, however, staff working within the 

Nursery are not responsible for making a diagnosis of child abuse and neglect; 

rather to share concerns appropriately and refer onto the relevant agency 

responsible for carrying out an assessment. 


The welfare of all the children in our group is of paramount importance. 
We recognise that child abuse occurs in all cultures, religions and social classes



Our settling in process is adapted to meet the child’s individual needs. The settling in process is designed to enable the child to feel secure within the environment and with his or her new carers. During the half-term before a child is enrolled, we provide opportunities for the child and his/her parents to visit the nursery. We allocate a key person to each child and his/her family before she/he starts to attend; the key person welcomes and looks after the child and his/her parents at the child's first session and during the settling-in process. We tailor the settling in process according to the needs of each child, whether they are happy to separate on the first day or take a few weeks to feel comfortable.



We believe that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the nursery on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, ability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to help at the nursery have an equal chance to do so while abiding by our policy statement. We recognise that many different types of family successfully love and care for their children. We aim to provide the opportunity for children to reach their full potential and we will help children to develop a positive self-image.



Children have a wide range of abilities and characteristics. These needs may include exceptional ability, learning difficulties or areas of behaviour which require support. We aim to identify, as soon as possible, any child who may have such needs. We will do everything we possibly can to provide an environment to assist his/her development.



We operate to very high staff ratios. The senior staff are fully trained, holding qualifications such as QTS, EYPS and Level 3. We also have teaching assistants who have all had experience in working in schools and with young children. We also offer in service training for staff to keep them up to date with current practice. We are proud to say that our staff are chosen because of their expertise in childcare. They are a group of professional childcare workers who are genuinely enthusiastic about their work with children.



We integrate themes drawn from the Jewish year to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We provide a whole range of learning opportunities. We aim to encourage the children’s sense of curiosity and wonder in the world around them and help them to explore it through all their senses. We use Jewish themes to plan and structure the curriculum but we also use observations of each child to tailor activities to meet the needs of each individual child. We believe that nursery should be a happy, fun, relaxing experience and free from pressure or stress. Progress is carefully monitored and observations are regularly made. The varied curriculum includes an introduction to reading, writing, numbers mathematical concepts, science, and technology, with the use of an interactive white board to enhance the children’s learning. Story telling, dance, drama, arts, crafts, music, cookery and local outings are also important learning experiences embedded within the curriculum.We also offer enrichment sessions in such areas as Science and Music and Movement and school readiness sessions for the older children.



Security is a main focus for the design and building of our nursery and its outside play areas. We have a security guard on-site during working hours. We also have security cameras which monitor the main entrance and approach, together with the synagogue car park area. An audio and visual door entry locking system provides additional security.



Apples and Honey is a Kosher Nursery. All food brought into the Nursery should conform to the rules of the synagogue building. It should not include gelatine, any animal fats or shellfish and, if possible, should have a hechsher (marking it as kosher) or a symbol stating that it is suitable for vegetarians.The children are provided with a choice of two fruits/vegetables every day and a choice of milk and water to drink.



When a child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease, i.e. chicken pox, measles, mumps etc., or a skin infection, i.e. ringworm, impetigo etc., you will be asked to remove the child from the nursery for a set exclusion period. You will be informed of the date that your child may return. When a child is generally unwell at nursery you will be contacted and asked to return to the nursery to collect your child. Staff will care for your child until you arrive, providing as much one-to-one care as is practical.


11. Covid 19

We have carried out thorough risk assessments and written extensive policies and procedures in order to keep our children, families and staff as safe as possible from infection,  We have followed all government guidance and continue to adapt our policies and procedures in line with new guidelines.


We trust that this information gives you a brief description of our way of working. If you would like to discuss any issues in detail please feel free to contact the Nursery when we can answer any questions you may have.