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Our History

Apples and Honey Nursery was set up in 1991 by Judith Ish Horowicz, with just three children and we are now welcoming our second generation.  Judith was looking for a nursery that would provide a homely environment, almost an extended family, where families can benefit from warm and loving care, one that her own children could attend.

Apples and Honey was the first Jewish nursery school in South London. It is situated in the grounds of The Wimbledon Synagogue and, though an essential part of its fabric, it is an entirely independent organisation. 

Whilst Apples and Honey is centred on the values and traditions of Judaism, we welcome children of all faiths and cultures. Through a broad and exciting curriculum we use themes drawn from the Jewish year to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The nursery has consistently maintained  its original ethos and values and has been recognised as ‘Outstanding in all areas’ by Ofsted for our last three successive inspections

​We aim to create a warm and caring environment in which children are able to make the transition from home to school securely and where they will be happy, confident and enjoy the company of others.

​We would be delighted to welcome you for a visit, please click the ‘orange’ link on your right.

Judith Ish-Horowicz, Principal
Gila Godsi, Headteacher

Ofsted Report 29/1/2020

‘The quality and standards of the Early Years Provision is Outstanding’

  • Children flourish in this outstanding nursery. Leaders have exceptionally high expectations for every child
  • Children are consistently engaged, excited and interested, and enjoy exploring the excellent range of learning experiences.
  • Children manage their own behaviour well. They learn to listen to the views of others and accept each other’s ideas.
  • Leaders are ambitious and inspiring. They successfully combine their expertise, experience and knowledge of children to provide an exceptional learning environment.
  • Parents comment on the excellent emotional support their children receive. Parents make comments such as, ‘Not only is my child exceptionally safe, they are also genuinely loved by the staff.’
  • Children eagerly develop their skills in mathematics and literacy.
  • Children have a positive and enthusiastic attitude to learning. They are highly motivated, independent and confident.
Ofsted Outstanding 2007-2008
Ofsted Outstanding 2010-2011
Ofsted Outstanding 2015-2016
Ofsted Outstanding 2020

Get to know our teachers

Meet the team

Judith Ish-Horowicz MBE


PGCE; MA; Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

I’ve never wanted to be anything other than a teacher and, after all these years, I still wake up with excited anticipation. What new pearls of young wisdom will I hear today? What shared laughter will I join?  What special secret will I share? I feel so lucky to be working with such an amazing team and supportive families at Apples and Honey, my youngest ‘child’.

Gila Godsi

Head Teacher

B Ed in Early Years; QTS; Return to teaching

At the age of 5, I announced to my parents that I was going to be a teacher.  Whilst studying for my teaching degree, I found a love for the early years and have worked with that age group ever since. As headteacher I see my role as one of leading and inspiring my team.  I try to make sure that everyone is valued and listened to as that way they are able to give their very best to the children and their families.

Anne de Foiard Brown

Deputy Head Teacher

BA Hons, Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

​Working with young children is incredibly rewarding.  I love seeing them develop the confidence to ask questions and experiment in all areas of learning, especially with science.  Experimenting is fun and allows the children to think critically and make mistakes – which is important for the development of their self-confidence and resilience.  I think that the greatest gift a teacher can give a young child is to inspire them to love learning.

Drorit Etzioni


B.A in Psychology and social science / B.Ed SEN teacher / Parenting consultant -The PIS – Parenting International School

Years ago when I became a teacher, it was ideology that drove me to this profession, the will to make a difference in the lives of as many children as I can. Today I’m still a teacher due to the smiles on the little ones’ faces that brighten my day every morning.

Nicky Bannerman



​Having gained a master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy and Pathology, I worked in a variety of educational and healthcare settings as part of a SLT Pre School Special Needs team, for example community clinics, multidisciplinary assessment centres, special schools and nurseries. This experience has held me in great stead for my role as SENCo at Apples and Honey. Having had three children of my own graduate from the nursery, I feel very fortunate to have experienced Apples and Honey as a parent and now as a member of staff!!

Keren Menashe


MA Hons Education

Working with children is finding out how life can be magical, when you are doing things for the first time.   I’ve become a teacher and found my creativity flourishing (using also play, drama, art and singing) as I had to learn their ways and find ways to show them new ones.  I love seeing the sparks in their eyes, their smiles and their brains move when experiencing a new adventure.

Being a teacher is carrying a hope to make children’s lives filled with questions, some answers and a lot of self-discovery, allowing them to develop skills when they grow into adults.

Sally-Ann Lewis

Teaching Assistant

Qualified Nurse

​I’m a trained nurse and worked for many years as a community midwife.

Now that my children have grown up, I have the time and energy to enjoy the children at the nursery in a way I never had when my own three were little (Two of them were at the nursery).  It’s been a revelation and a constant joy working with such dedicated and inspiring teachers.

Louise Ginsberg


MA. Hons

I was delighted to join the nursery in my role as Administrator in 2017, just as my daughter, Tamara, graduated from the nursery!

It is very special (and helpful!) to have, firstly, been a nursery parent and then a part of this wonderful, committed team.

I thoroughly enjoy getting involved in organising most aspects of nursery life, while hearing the happy children playing nearby.