We are a small nursery school dedicated to meeting the particular needs of children from two-and-a-half to five years old.  We aim to create a warm and caring environment in which children are able to make the transition from home to school securely and where they will be happy, confident and enjoy the company of others.


Our high staff to child ratio enables the children to receive individual attention and develop at their own pace.  They are encouraged to explore the wonders of language, science, numeracy and all aspects of the world around them.  They learn through constructive and imaginative play, creative art, music and movement.  Our work is topic- based and closely aligned to the National Curriculum.


We have two spacious and well-equipped classrooms and a dedicated outside play area with climbing frames, ride-on toys, and a large sand pit.  As learning is experiential, we supplement our nursery-based work with outings to farms, theatres, libraries and other local places of interest.


Apples and Honey is a Jewish nursery that welcomes children of all faiths, while being centred on the values and traditions of Judaism.  Many of the themes are drawn from the Jewish year as we bring the festivals to life with art, songs and dances.  On Fridays the children invite their families to join them in celebrating Shabbat and each week a different child acts as the Shabbat host.


Our hours are 9.30 am to 12.30 pm 5 mornings a week.

There is a ‘school-readiness’ session available until 2.00pm two days a week for children whom the teaching staff feel would benefit from slightly extended hours and a more school focused curriculum.  This is usually for children aged from three and half and above but will depend on the ‘readiness’ of the child.

We also offer two optional Enrichment Sessions for children aged 3 and older.  These sessions also run until 2.00pm and cover a variety of topics such as Cooking and Move to the Music and Science.

We also offer two optional Enrichment Sessions for children aged 3 and older.  These sessions also run until 2.00pm and cover a variety of topics such as French is Fun and Move to the Music and Science.  Further details are available from the Nursery.   Non-meat packed lunches should be brought on all extended days.


Nursery policy promotes healthy eating and we provide the children with a selection of fruit and vegetables every day for their morning snack as well as milk or water.  The children cook every week: baking and creating dishes from different cultures.


Staff maintain a close relationship with parents and carers and we are always available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.  The parents’ forum meets regularly; we hold formal parents’ evenings and take great care in keeping a detailed written and pictorial record of the children’s work and achievements, producing a full end-of-year report.



Our invitation to visit….


We welcome visitors.  Please telephone to make an appointment should you wish to experience life at Apples and Honey. We would be delighted to meet your family and show you around.



Judith Ish-Horowicz