Welcome to Apples and Honey Nursery!

A Jewish School for everyone

We are a small nursery school dedicated to meeting the particular needs of all children from two-and-a-half to five years old.  Ours is a warm and caring environment in which children are able to make the transition from home to school securely and where they will be happy, confident and enjoy the company of others.

Ofsted Outstanding
Listening, learning, loving

Why choose Apples and Honey Nursery


We have received consistent Outstanding ratings in our Ofsted inspections. Our team of highly experienced and qualified educators deliver an exciting child centred curriculum that engages the children’s curiosity and inspires them to excel.

A loving and caring environment

As early years educators, we love being with, teaching, and learning from the amazing young children we meet. Each unique child enriches our lives daily.

Becoming part of a wider community

By joining Apples and Honey Nursery, you are not just sending your child to school, you are becoming a part of a mutually supportive community. Many life-long friendships are made here – both for you and your child.

A culture of mutual respect

At Apples and Honey, we endeavour to live by our values. As adults, we model respectful and caring relationships. We encourage empathy, tolerance, and cooperation, as well as fostering self-regulation and resilience.

A stimulating environment

The children benefit from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor play spaces where they can experience the excitement of exploration and discovery. Both our outdoor play equipment and our rich indoor learning environment offer opportunities for holistic and challenging learning.

Prioritising emotional and mental well-being

The mental and emotional well being of our children is our priority. Our aim is to give the children strategies to deal with both the ups and downs of life. We nurture confidence, self-reflection and self-worth. “A child who is happy in themselves can fly”.

Our Mission Statement

The highest form of wisdom is kindness - Talmud

Every day we recite the Shema, a Jewish prayer that reminds us that our thoughts, our words and our actions have consequences for both good and bad and we have the power to choose. We nurture and inspire our children to make the right choices.

Our aim is to give our children a secure sense of who they are and a sense of pride in their own identity. By giving them the skills and knowledge to be life-long learners who have the confidence to reach their full potential they can help create a better world.

A home from home

Elements of Learning

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    Forest School

    We take advantage of our proximity to Wimbledon Common for frequent Forest School programmes, learning about and taking responsibility for the environment and experiencing the changing seasons

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    Relationships are at the core of Apples and Honey and we regularly meet up with our older friends to share stories, sing songs and have a laugh over lunch together.

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    Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

    Our experiential programmes cover the seven statutory areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Physical, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design

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    Social and emotional well-being

    A child who loves themself loves the world. Our family ethos nurtures each child to give them the skills and resilience to reach their full potential in life.

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    Whilst Apples and Honey is centred on the values and traditions of Judaism, we welcome children of all faiths and cultures. We love to learn about the many traditions and experiences of our children and their families and to integrate these into our Jewish faith-based curriculum.

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    Holistic learning

    The world is not made up of disparate parts and nor is a child’s development. Everything we offer is interconnected, following the children’s interests in a cohesive exciting programme.

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    Ofsted Report - The nursery is outstanding in all areas (246KB)


Our Outdoor Space